Secret Warcraft Podcast #5

Remote Auction House, Pipeline of the Day, Darkmoon Faire Revisited

Return of the Podcast edition of Secret Warcraft, Jonathan Kenins is joined by new co-host Jeff Lineman, as we discuss Remote Auction House (which looks like a winner!) in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #5 (running time 42:40).

  • Blizzard’s new Remote Auction House service
  • Pipeline of the Day: Frozen and Runed Orbs
  • Latest updates on Darkmoon Faire

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Make Big Gold in Patch 3.3

Gold-Making Opportunities in Patch 3.3

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Patch 3.3, the “Icecrown Citadel” (ICC) patch, is almost certainly going live tomorrow, December 8th (December 9th for EU realms). It’s a major patch, with quite a few new additions and twists on existing items, all of which will lead to some significant gold-making opportunities.

In this video, I give you a quick run-through of the most interesting and potentially profit-making changes and additions in 3.3. Some of the items and markets I’m covering here include:

  • Arctic Fur
  • Heavy Borean Leather
  • Primordial Saronite
  • High-end Enchanting Materials
  • Enchant Scrolls
  • Flasks
  • Potions
  • Calico Cat
  • Portable Hole

Make sure you watch through to the end. I’ll tell you how to get access to my full-length, in-depth, version of this report… Free!

The Members-Only video (made for Massive Gold Blueprint 3.0 members) is over 30 minutes long, and it includes my specific recommendations of “do this, don’t do that” for making Gold in Patch 3.3, as well as in-game illustrations of key points with live auction house data.

Here’s the link you need, in order to grab this exclusive bonus video, along with a deeply discounted copy of Hayden Hawke’s gold-making guide – the bonus and discount are only available until Patch 3.3 goes live on the servers, so don’t delay!

Happy gold making!

– Jon

Over Jon’s Shoulder #4: Cross Faction

Cross Faction Trading Revives the Glyph Market

I kind of hate to keep harping on the glyphs market, since there are so many, many other opportunities you can set up for huge auction house profits. But glyphs have been such a big gold maker for me this year. And I know some of you are bummed out by the mess that has been created in this market niche since patch 3.1. So I can’t resist one more kick at the can, so you can see how I’m still making several hundred gold per day with glyphs, in spite of everything :)

Also, this gives me a chance to show you how to carry on cross-faction trading efficiently by using Auctioneer add-on’s “Arbitrage” search function. Once you’ve spotted a cross-faction trade opportunity, Auctioneer can simplify the process for you… a lot!

The main points to get out of this over-my-shoulder demo include:

  1. there are a lot of inexperienced sellers dumping high-value glyphs at low prices
  2. it’s very likely that you’ll see big differences in pricing between the Horde and Alliance factions on your server
  3. you can take advantage of the situation to make massive gold profits fast
  4. Auctioneer Advanced has an “Arbitrage” searcher module that can help you do cross-faction trades more easily
  5. you still need to rely on your own tracking skills and item knowledge (rather than Auctioneer’s average price data) to maximize your profits… even though the margins on cross-faction trades may be enormous

Now, if you don’t know anything at all about cross-faction trading, watch this video closely, and I think you’ll get the idea. Then run over to my Massive Gold Blueprint site and get my MGB gold guide videos, x-faction is one of the power techniques I explain in detail in the Blueprint method.

Happy gold making!

– Jon