Over Jon’s Shoulder #3: World Events

How I Make Gold From World Event Limited Items

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love to make gold from limited items that are available only during world events in WoW… like the Noblegarden event just finished, and Children’s Week which is on now.

In this episode of “Over My Shoulder,” I’m showing the various approaches that work for me in making profits from event quest and vendor items, including:

  • Elegant Dress
  • Delicious Chocolate Cake
  • Small Eggs (again!)
  • Northern Eggs
  • Red and Green Helper Boxes

The basic tactics are pretty simple.

1. Buy stuff that will be needed during a world event, before the event arrives, then sell to desperate buyers on the first day of the event (Small Eggs for Winter Veil, Mageroyal for Children’s Week)
2. Buy limited and rare items that are only available during an event, then sell them throughout the rest of the year, when they are almost impossible to get (Elegant Dress from Noblegarden, Helper boxes and Snowman Kits from Winter Veil)

Extra tip:

There’s a LOT to do during Children’s Week, with some extended quest series giving really sweet rewards (pets etc.). Here’s an excellent online guide to help you get it all done: