Make 500 Gold per Hour With Glyphs

Look over my shoulder as I reveal my Glyph pricing secrets!


In this video on “Working the Glyph Market,” I give you an inside look at the exact techniques I use to make 500g and up per hour selling glyphs in the auction house.

Some of the key things to keep in mind…

  • Glyph prices are arbitrary, they have almost nothing to do with the cost of making the glyph
  • Your goal when selling glyphs in the auction house is to earn as much gold as possible
  • Undercutting your competition is not always the best approach
  • Establish realistic target price levels for each category of glyphs, and stick to these levels
  • You can make the market and establish high prices by persistently posting at high prices
  • You “win” in the auction house when you have more information than the other sellers
  • Focus on buying and selling the best-selling glyphs (Northrend glyphs, Minor glyphs, Death Knight glyphs)

Now watch the video, take some notes, then get out there and make some gold :)

Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 4

Love Is In the Air, Darkmoon Faire Revisited, Power Level Your Alts

Lovely Black Dresses still produce gold during the Love Festival, Blizzard buffs the Darkmoon Faire again, Black Tabby cats, Pristine Black Diamonds, Savory Deviate Delight recipes… plus advice about Auctioneer, cross-faction trading and WoWMatrix, in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #4 (running time 1:36:10).

  • Tip of the Week: Power level your alts with super-charged “white” armor and weapons
  • Power Gamer News: Love Is In the Air… and full of achievements and Lovely dresses
  • Hot/Not: Savory Deviate Delight Recipe on the rise, Pristine Black Diamonds on the bubble
  • Question Time: making the most of the new version of Auctioneer add-on, cross-faction trading advice, WoW Matrix, and more
  • Catch of the Week: Black Tabby cats from Silverpine Forest

Download MP3 File

WoW Lifestyles of the Rich Pt.2

Next up in my quest to flaunt my WoW gold riches: Megkineer’s Chopper!


Megkineer’s Chopper is not quite as useful as the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth I picked up in part one of this series of videos devoted to wasteful, excessive spending in WoW :) But it’s a lot more fun to ride around in the major cities in this sweet mount.

This falls into pretty much the same price range as the Traveler’s Mammoth, typically about 20,000 gold. But since it’s a crafted engineering item, you may find it for a bit less on some servers. Something like get a faction rep discount. For example, on one of my regular servers, I’ve seen a couple of Engineers advertising Choppers for 17,000 gold.

On the server I’m on in this video, though, it’s 20k or go home.

This is by no means gouging on the part of the crafters supplying the mount. The major expense is a set of unique engineering parts that are only available at extreme cost, from an exotic vendor in K3 in Northrend:

Salvaged Iron Golem Parts – 3000g
Goblin-machined Piston x 8 – 1000g each
Elementium-plated Exhaust Pipe (limited supply) – 1500g

So that’s 12,500 gold just for starters. Then you’ve got to get 12 Titansteel Bars, 40 Handfuls of Cobalt Bolts, 2 Arctic Furs… not to mention that your Engineer has to be Exalted with Alliance Vanguard in order to acquire the Schematic. So it adds up.

Is it worth it? Hell yes! Watch the video, check out the Choppa… then go get my Massive Gold Blueprint so you can earn enough gold to get one of these beauties for yourself, lickity-split.