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Pricing and Posting Glyphs in the Auction House

How to Price and Post Your Glyphs in the Auction House for Maximum Gold Making


Ths is a complete video from my up-coming Inscription Profits Blueprint, a complete video guide and tutorial showing how to make extreme amounts of gold from crafting, buying and selling glyphs.

In this part of the guide, I demonstrate how I set up my auctions of Glyphs every day in the auction house.

The key to make a lot of gold fast with Inscription is to develop a routine for posting as many as 200 glyphs daily with minimum fuss and bother. My approach will show you how to get through the process quickly, yet still maintain prices at the maximum possible level, given the competition you face on your server.

Click the link above to watch exactly how I do this (runs 33’58”).

Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 1

New Podcast with tips, strategies and answers to your questions


In this first episode of the Secret Warcraft podcast (running time 53:40), I introduce a full roster of features that will be in each week’s episode:

  • Tip of the Week: Auction House Warriors – playing to win the auction house game (and dealing with auction house morons!)
  • Power Gaming News: final thoughts on Feast of Winter Veil… stocking up for profits all year long (“Stolen Treats” recipes, holiday pets, Preserved Holly and more) – plus, coping with account theft and key loggers
  • Gold Making Calendar: Darkmoon Faire and the frog explosion
  • Hot or Not: Radiant Shards are hot, Large Brilliants are not
  • Catch of the Week: Northrend herbs in the spotlight as Catch of the Week
  • Question Time: how to work the glyph market, either as an Inscription scribe, or as an auction house player

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