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Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 3

Lunar Festival Hit and Miss, Patch 3.0.8 Profits, Server Economies

Win some and lose some, the big gold-maker at Lunar Festival is gone, but there are big profits to be made from patch 3.0.8 price volatility. Lots of questions from listeners, plus advice about evaluating server economies, in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #3 (running time 1:17:20).

  • Tip of the Week: Watch the action on your server’s auction house in real time, learn to profit
  • Power Gamer News: Patch 3.0.8, a new Auctioneer, and Borean Tundra server
  • Gold Making Calendar: Lunar Festival hits (achievements) and misses (Bind on Pickup patterns)
  • Hot/Not: Frozen Orbs, Darkmoon Cards and Decks (Nobles, Prisms etc.)
  • Question Time: choose a server with a healthy economy, make gold fast as a level 20, focus on one item at a time to master the auction house, manage your inventory efficiently

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WoW Lifestyles of the Rich Part 1

What to do with all this gold you’re making? Try the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth!


Now that the Auction House is settling down after the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I find that I’m raking in so much gold that it’s hard to spend it all. So to keep my enthusiasm up, I’m setting myself some goals to get my main characters some truly extravagant gifts.

So you thought 5,000 gold or so for a flying mount was expensive? Try the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth on for size. 20,000 gold from the Exotic Mounts vendor in Dalaran… and it doesn’t even fly :)

But never mind, it comes instead with 2 fully-stocked NPC vendors on board. So you never have to return to cities and towns to restock, repair or sell off your trash. And when you just want to have some fun, kick the NPC’s off, and invite 2 of your buddies along for a joy ride.

Is it worth the expense? I think so. But then, it only took me about 20 hours to accumulate enough gold to buy this amazing beast.

Watch the video, check out the Mammoth, and let me know what you think… is this the best gold-sink in the game, or what?

Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 2

New Gold Making Opportunities, and what to do with all your gold!

The big news in this second episode of the Secret Warcraft podcast (running time 59:06), is a number of great gold making opportunities coming with the arrival of content patch 3.0.8, which is likely to go live this week.

  • Tip of the Week: What to do with all that gold! (what I’m doing with it, anyway)
  • Power Gaming News: making gold opportunities coming up in Patch 3.0.8
  • Gold Making Calendar: Darkmoon Faire is done, get ready for Lunar Festival
  • Hot or Not: Fel Armaments, Arcane Tomes, Marks and Signets (Aldor and Scryers)
  • Catch of the Week: Northern Spices
  • Question Time: working effectively with the new version of Auctioneer add-on

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