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Small Eggs and Crazy Gold for Winter Veil

Small Eggs are mad money makers during the first days of Winter Veil Festival


Small Eggs are always a big Winter Veil gold maker for players who stock up ahead of time. Most of the year, you can buy Small Eggs for 1 silver each or less. During the Festival of Winter Veil, which has just begun today, they go for 3g – 5g in huge quantities. This is because they are needed for the simplest Winter Veil quest (Treats for Great-Father Winter), which every player and toon will want to complete. It takes 5 Small Eggs (which you make up into Gingerbread Cookies) to complete the quest.

This year, the Small Egg action seems hotter than ever. Even if you didn’t take my advice, and lay in a big supply of eggs before Winter Veil arrived, you can make a huge windfall profit of gold if you act fast and decisively :)

Watch this short video to see exactly what to do. Target profits: 500g ++ per hour!

Darkmoon Faire Gold, Lich King Style

WotLK Has Changed the Economy, but Darkmoon Faire is Still a Goldmine


Even with the changes in the World of Warcraft economy since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you can still make a lot of gold – fast – at the Darkmoon Faire.

As I detailed in my original walkthrough of the Darkmoon Faire gold making strategy, it’s possible to make a huge amount of gold by camping the Exotic Goods vendors (Lhara, and Professor Thaddeus Paleo) in a booth at the back of the Darkmoon Faire. Buy all the limited supply items you can, following my re-spawn timing technique, and sell for massive profits in the auction house.

With the changed economy in Wrath of the Lich King, the Darkmoon Faire isn’t quite such a jackpot, but it’s still worth spending some time, if only for the herbs. Pre WotLK, you could rake in 600g – 1,000g in a day. Now the high end is more like 500g.

Click the video link above to for complete updated details for making extreme amounts of gold at the Darkmoon Faire in the Wrath of the Lich King era (runs 20’11”).

What to buy:

  • almost all of the available herbs, including Fel Lotus (4g), Black Lotus (40s), Netherbloom (40s), Terocone (20s), Mountain Silversage (6s), Golden Sansam (4s), Dreamfoil (4s), Ghost Mushroom (15s), Khadgar’s Whisker (7s), Wild Steelbloom (2s), Kingsblood (1s20), Liferoot (3s), Bruiseweed (1s), Mageroyal (80c), and Earthroot (80c)
  • some of the leathers, including Thick Clefthoof Leather (30s), Enchanted Leather (20s), and possibly Knothide Leather (50s) and Rugged Leather (20s) depending on your server’s prices
  • some of the Motes, especially Mote of Fire (16s) and Mote of Air (16s)
    Superior Healing and Mana potions

What to avoid:

  • all of the gems, including Living Ruby, Nightseye, Noble Topaz, Dawnstone, Star of Elune, Talasite… all selling for 12g each, and worth about half that on most auction houses
  • all of the scrolls, which are now much cheaper than before, due to Inscription

And the saving grace:

  • Frogs… FTW! Pick up plenty of Wood Frogs and Tree Frogs from Flik while you’re at the Faire, and sell them off gradually through the month for a nice profit.

Buy and Sell Glyphs for Auction House Gold

Big Gold Profits from Glyphs


This video walks you through my process for making extreme amounts of gold from buying and selling Glyphs at the auction house.

Now, if you’ve been following my techniques for a while, you know that I don’t really advise anyone to follow a crafting profession in order to make a lot of Gold. You can do it to be helpful within your guild, or because you enjoy giving the stuff you make to friends and so on. But when it comes to making gold the fastest way possible, crafting is just way too time consuming for it to payoff.

Things have actually gotten a bit better in the Wrath of the Lich King setting, specifically for Inscription, but also to some degree for Jewelcrafting and Enchanting. This is basically because these professions create items that are in constant and repeated demand – players who want glyphs, and gems and enchants tend to buy them over and over again – and because there is now such a huge number of desirable items in each of those categories that you can often sell your stuff for high prices, with little competition.

But what I’m showing you today doesn’t actually require the Inscription profession… not at all.

Walkthrough: Buy/Sell Glyphs


It’s really easy to buy big stocks of good glyphs that will sell well. You can buy them at prices below the cost of making them, literally below cost. And then of course, you will sell them on the auction house at the price the market is actually willing to pay.

Just to give you an idea of the scale of this, you can often buy ordinary glyphs – the “Major” glyphs that every Scribe learns automatically from trainers – for less than 1g each. And if you’re patient, you’ll be able to get most of the rarer “Minor” glyphs for well under 5g each, sometimes as low as 1g.

Then on the selling side… well, my rule of thumb is I don’t sell any Glyph of any kind for less than about 10g. With the Minor glyphs, my basic minimum price is 20g. And for the glyphs that are in high demand, whether they are Major or Minor glyphs, I’m aiming more at the 35g – 50g range.

Click the link above to watch exactly how I do this (runs 36’05”).