Darkmoon Faire Gold, Lich King Style

WotLK Has Changed the Economy, but Darkmoon Faire is Still a Goldmine


Even with the changes in the World of Warcraft economy since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, you can still make a lot of gold – fast – at the Darkmoon Faire.

As I detailed in my original walkthrough of the Darkmoon Faire gold making strategy, it’s possible to make a huge amount of gold by camping the Exotic Goods vendors (Lhara, and Professor Thaddeus Paleo) in a booth at the back of the Darkmoon Faire. Buy all the limited supply items you can, following my re-spawn timing technique, and sell for massive profits in the auction house.

With the changed economy in Wrath of the Lich King, the Darkmoon Faire isn’t quite such a jackpot, but it’s still worth spending some time, if only for the herbs. Pre WotLK, you could rake in 600g – 1,000g in a day. Now the high end is more like 500g.

Click the video link above to for complete updated details for making extreme amounts of gold at the Darkmoon Faire in the Wrath of the Lich King era (runs 20’11”).

What to buy:

  • almost all of the available herbs, including Fel Lotus (4g), Black Lotus (40s), Netherbloom (40s), Terocone (20s), Mountain Silversage (6s), Golden Sansam (4s), Dreamfoil (4s), Ghost Mushroom (15s), Khadgar’s Whisker (7s), Wild Steelbloom (2s), Kingsblood (1s20), Liferoot (3s), Bruiseweed (1s), Mageroyal (80c), and Earthroot (80c)
  • some of the leathers, including Thick Clefthoof Leather (30s), Enchanted Leather (20s), and possibly Knothide Leather (50s) and Rugged Leather (20s) depending on your server’s prices
  • some of the Motes, especially Mote of Fire (16s) and Mote of Air (16s)
    Superior Healing and Mana potions

What to avoid:

  • all of the gems, including Living Ruby, Nightseye, Noble Topaz, Dawnstone, Star of Elune, Talasite… all selling for 12g each, and worth about half that on most auction houses
  • all of the scrolls, which are now much cheaper than before, due to Inscription

And the saving grace:

  • Frogs… FTW! Pick up plenty of Wood Frogs and Tree Frogs from Flik while you’re at the Faire, and sell them off gradually through the month for a nice profit.


  1. Did you know the H in herbs was silent ? It is pronounced “erbs” not “herbs.” You may want to redo your video, so you don’t sound like an idiot.

  2. Umm, Jade dear… most of the English-speaking world pronounces herbs with the “h” audible. I’m OK with it if you think I sound like an idiot, just take my gold-making advice and run with it anyway, OK?

  3. hey jon just wanna say you have a great guide! at first i was skeptical. i thought you must be faking the gold totals you showed. but i tried a few techniques of yours and they payed off bigtime. in only two days on the horde side i made 78g starting from absolute zero! keep the advice coming.

  4. Jade,

    Jon is correct it is actually pronounced with the “h” even though most people leave it out. Why attack Jon, he has given out so many great advice for free.

  5. John,

    I just want to say, I do not regret any single buck I spent on your guide.

    BTW everywhere in the whole world but in France (and the DOMTOMs) the “H” is audible

  6. Thanks Jon so much. Love your counsel. Jade, and many others unfortunately, should pick up a copy of Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people”. Invaluable advice in there.

  7. Guys, remember what Jon said about the frogs (one of them is only (1) in the vendor) and this will sell for about 100g each on most servers! This is probably the best thing in Darkmoon Faire if u want much cash.

  8. theres arctic fur now that u can buy for 12 gold and sell for on my server 44-60 gold

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