Secret Warcraft Podcast #5

Remote Auction House, Pipeline of the Day, Darkmoon Faire Revisited

Return of the Podcast edition of Secret Warcraft, Jonathan Kenins is joined by new co-host Jeff Lineman, as we discuss Remote Auction House (which looks like a winner!) in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #5 (running time 42:40).

  • Blizzard’s new Remote Auction House service
  • Pipeline of the Day: Frozen and Runed Orbs
  • Latest updates on Darkmoon Faire

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  1. I stumbled upon your page a while back, long after you had stopped making the podcasts. After hearing them i was almost QQ´ing that you had stopped with them, so from a happy gnome, thank you for starting up on them again ^^

  2. Good idea Jonathan and having a 2nd person will make it more fun for you and it changes the “tone” for us

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