Make Big Gold in Patch 3.3

Gold-Making Opportunities in Patch 3.3

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Patch 3.3, the “Icecrown Citadel” (ICC) patch, is almost certainly going live tomorrow, December 8th (December 9th for EU realms). It’s a major patch, with quite a few new additions and twists on existing items, all of which will lead to some significant gold-making opportunities.

In this video, I give you a quick run-through of the most interesting and potentially profit-making changes and additions in 3.3. Some of the items and markets I’m covering here include:

  • Arctic Fur
  • Heavy Borean Leather
  • Primordial Saronite
  • High-end Enchanting Materials
  • Enchant Scrolls
  • Flasks
  • Potions
  • Calico Cat
  • Portable Hole

Make sure you watch through to the end. I’ll tell you how to get access to my full-length, in-depth, version of this report… Free!

The Members-Only video (made for Massive Gold Blueprint 3.0 members) is over 30 minutes long, and it includes my specific recommendations of “do this, don’t do that” for making Gold in Patch 3.3, as well as in-game illustrations of key points with live auction house data.

Here’s the link you need, in order to grab this exclusive bonus video, along with a deeply discounted copy of Hayden Hawke’s gold-making guide – the bonus and discount are only available until Patch 3.3 goes live on the servers, so don’t delay!

Happy gold making!

– Jon


  1. Hey John i don’t know whether its just my bad luck, or players on my server (Thunderhorn) decidedly trying to drive me insane.

    I have been using the pipeline method for a long time (although i didn’t call it the pipeline method i just called it thing to do so i can get gold) and it was working well, i only did it in small amounts to keep a nice little gold in the wallet, but know i have begun to play the game seriously with a friend and with that comes the need for gold. (especialy when we are both playing Druid and he’s relying on me for cash)

    And i am finding that on my server i will find a nice pipeline, e.g recently i have been buying stacks of 20 bronze bars for 5g and selling them in stacks of 5 for 25g! but that lasted about 3-4 days and next thing i know there’s about 200 bars on the market all realy low prices and i have just spent a fortune on a block of bronze bar that now, i do not want to sell. (this happens regularly with many different pipelines)

    Is this my fault and something i can fix, or are they realy trying to drive me insane?

    Ben Cowan

  2. Murray Williams says:

    Jon, I’m on the Nesingwary server and I’ve just noticed that the Tuxedo shirt, pants & elegant dress are remaining under 1g. I thought I was going to make a bundle by now I think I need to change servers with one of my avatars. If I can bring my inventory I’ll be ok. What do you suggest? Can I send inventory between servers?

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