Make 500 Gold per Hour With Glyphs

Look over my shoulder as I reveal my Glyph pricing secrets!


In this video on “Working the Glyph Market,” I give you an inside look at the exact techniques I use to make 500g and up per hour selling glyphs in the auction house.

Some of the key things to keep in mind…

  • Glyph prices are arbitrary, they have almost nothing to do with the cost of making the glyph
  • Your goal when selling glyphs in the auction house is to earn as much gold as possible
  • Undercutting your competition is not always the best approach
  • Establish realistic target price levels for each category of glyphs, and stick to these levels
  • You can make the market and establish high prices by persistently posting at high prices
  • You “win” in the auction house when you have more information than the other sellers
  • Focus on buying and selling the best-selling glyphs (Northrend glyphs, Minor glyphs, Death Knight glyphs)

Now watch the video, take some notes, then get out there and make some gold :)


  1. Hey I was watching this vedio and I was just cross referencing to my actual server and some of what you put up for like 20 gold and 28, where selling for nearly 35g…. now I know that this is prolly pretty good but I was just wondering if that was too high. Oh also, the market is almost dominated by one person. I guess what im asking is if I could use this to my advantage?

  2. Theothana says:

    Excellent video!

    A quick question for you….
    Obviously when 3.1 comes out with dual specs, there will be a big spike in the glyph market as folks from 40 up set up there second spec. But after that what do you see happening to the glyph market? Will the volume of sales dry up or stay about the same?

  3. Josh – it sounds like you have an excellent glyph market on your server. 35g for high-demand glyphs is not at all out of line, it’s an opportunity and you should take advantage of it. The price levels are very dependent on each server’s economy, which is why you need to track prices and determine real pricing levels for your server. Generic info from sites like Allakhazam or WoWHead just doesn’t cut it.

    – Jon

  4. Hey Thoethana, thanks for the comment :)

    Dual spec is going to increase demand for glyphs but I don’t think it will be a huge impact once things settle down. Over time, most players settle on a set of glyphs and don’t change them out a lot. It’s even possible that demand will drop a little in the long term, because aggressive players who might be changing glyphs often right now in order to shift between two specs… won’t have to do so any more.

    So look for a bump up in demand once the patch hits the servers, then settling back down to roughly the same as it is now, pre-patch.

    My best guess :)

    – Jon

  5. How do i sign up for this Blueprint?

  6. Hey Guy – the Massive Gold Blueprint is here:

    Let me know if you have any questions about the guide.

    – Jon

  7. Awsome guide :) I got hard for this, I can buy items.. And I cant resell them at the AH. When do i know when I should buy a item and what prices ?

    Take care :)

  8. This video had been become very outdated since it was published 3 months ago. There are many more people attempting to make huge profits so the glyph availability is much larger. In addition, the demand is slowing.

    Two months ago I could make 1000 gold a day with 2 hours work. Just today I made 1200 gold, but I had to put in a full day’s attention to the AH.

    You can make good money, but it’s nowhere as easy as it was. I had to laugh at the prices quoted in the video – no way can you get any minor to sell for over 20 gold – you would be undercut in minutes.

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