Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 4

Love Is In the Air, Darkmoon Faire Revisited, Power Level Your Alts

Lovely Black Dresses still produce gold during the Love Festival, Blizzard buffs the Darkmoon Faire again, Black Tabby cats, Pristine Black Diamonds, Savory Deviate Delight recipes… plus advice about Auctioneer, cross-faction trading and WoWMatrix, in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #4 (running time 1:36:10).

  • Tip of the Week: Power level your alts with super-charged “white” armor and weapons
  • Power Gamer News: Love Is In the Air… and full of achievements and Lovely dresses
  • Hot/Not: Savory Deviate Delight Recipe on the rise, Pristine Black Diamonds on the bubble
  • Question Time: making the most of the new version of Auctioneer add-on, cross-faction trading advice, WoW Matrix, and more
  • Catch of the Week: Black Tabby cats from Silverpine Forest

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  1. I just want to Congratulate you on your guide. I havent bought because i dont have the money too.. but I’ve been using some of you tips you have mentioned in all your podcast and they have helped alot.


  2. Thanks for doing this podcast. I will be subscribing shortly…very helpful and informative, even to the casual gamer.

  3. tytyty for this so much i just bought this guide after listening to a few of these podcast

  4. Thanks for the podcast Jonathan, i managed to pick up 7 lovely black dresses for 40 – 50g each.

  5. Eskil Svensson says:

    When is next podcast coming?
    can’t w8

  6. whens the next podcast? im so ready for it!

  7. Sorry for the delay getting the next podcast out, friends. It’s coming as soon as I can clear the time.

    – Jon


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