Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 3

Lunar Festival Hit and Miss, Patch 3.0.8 Profits, Server Economies

Win some and lose some, the big gold-maker at Lunar Festival is gone, but there are big profits to be made from patch 3.0.8 price volatility. Lots of questions from listeners, plus advice about evaluating server economies, in Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode #3 (running time 1:17:20).

  • Tip of the Week: Watch the action on your server’s auction house in real time, learn to profit
  • Power Gamer News: Patch 3.0.8, a new Auctioneer, and Borean Tundra server
  • Gold Making Calendar: Lunar Festival hits (achievements) and misses (Bind on Pickup patterns)
  • Hot/Not: Frozen Orbs, Darkmoon Cards and Decks (Nobles, Prisms etc.)
  • Question Time: choose a server with a healthy economy, make gold fast as a level 20, focus on one item at a time to master the auction house, manage your inventory efficiently

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  1. Jim Barclay says:

    Great site, very informative and all around great podcast. Been using your bat bites tech and have sold over 600 so far at a gold profit each.
    Keep it up.

  2. Randy Daniel says:

    Terrific site packed full of amazing info. Thank you for serving it up with such class.

    Keep it up, cuz You Rock!!

  3. Graham. L says:

    Thank you alot for the Rune Cloth trick!

    On my server the price for Rune Cloth is still very low. But I have been using your methods to buy out all the low rune cloth and put it up much higher. I have also been placing mine much higher then the competition to drive the price up. This is the first time I have tried most of your methods and they have worked out great these last couple of days.

  4. Thanks all of you for the great comments, and for passing along your success stories. I’m sure this helps everyone else too.

    – Jon

  5. Awesome as always, I enjoyed listening to it while actually working the auctionhouse.

    Hope to hear from you soon Jon :)

    – Gk

  6. Thanks Jon, the guidelines really helped.

    Looking forward to the next Podcast.


  7. Relics of Ulduar are a hot item now since they’re no longer BOP and they’re turned in in stacks of 10 for Sons of Hodir rep. I’ve seen 3.5 to 5g each so far, leveing out around 4g each.

  8. Hey Jon, disappointing to hear about the tailoring and engineering patterns. In the 2008 lunar festival, I gathered 3 of each tailoring pattern. I took one of each for my tailor, sold one of each for 175g, and I happen to have one of each left. The 5 lunar coins is not a big requirement to get the patterns, however, would the two patterns I have remaining still be worth anything after I wait for the festival to be over? Or will it be kind of hit and miss?

  9. Awesome cast man, keep it up :-)

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