Secret Warcraft Podcast Episode 1

New Podcast with tips, strategies and answers to your questions


In this first episode of the Secret Warcraft podcast (running time 53:40), I introduce a full roster of features that will be in each week’s episode:

  • Tip of the Week: Auction House Warriors – playing to win the auction house game (and dealing with auction house morons!)
  • Power Gaming News: final thoughts on Feast of Winter Veil… stocking up for profits all year long (“Stolen Treats” recipes, holiday pets, Preserved Holly and more) – plus, coping with account theft and key loggers
  • Gold Making Calendar: Darkmoon Faire and the frog explosion
  • Hot or Not: Radiant Shards are hot, Large Brilliants are not
  • Catch of the Week: Northrend herbs in the spotlight as Catch of the Week
  • Question Time: how to work the glyph market, either as an Inscription scribe, or as an auction house player

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  1. Wow! Cool podcast. Loved the music:P Jon would you please look at my post in the forum? It’s in All about gold and called !!Important!! My forum name is manummis. Thanks


  2. Christoffer says:

    Awesome podcast, is this available in iTunes by the way?

    Being a fan of WoW Radio ( for a while, I’m glad that you decided to make a podcast.

  3. Well done John

    Very interesting and most encouraging but I would like to put up a word of caution. I have never seen the prices you mention on the gods and I don’t see them today either for the glyths or herbs you are mention. So for that reason I don’t dare to buy the festival stuff you are talking about since I have no idea for what prices I will be able to sell them for.

    I watched you video of the eggs and encourage by the fact that my fist eggs had sold for 5G each and the prices in your video I bought a huge quantity for 2G to 2G 50S each. The next day the prices dropped below 1G to 1G 50S and stayed there (or lower) almost all over the festival. I manage to sell a third to half that I bought for 2G 50S but as of today I have 30-35 stacks of 10 small eggs in my bank….


  4. Mats – it’s a good idea to be cautious until you are certain of the prices on your server. I think you have a difficult economy on your server, so careful checking of selling prices is more important than usual. When you go into a new item, make sure to test it first with just a few buys and sells, and build your confidence. Then you can start trading in higher volume.

    Still… have a look at the prices for Wood Frog on your auction house. It’s *impossible* to not make big profits on those :) You are buying them for 1g at Darkmoon Faire. Tree Frog might not be so golden.

    I’m sorry you got burned on the Small Eggs… I should have given a clearer warning about the short time when the huge demand would drive prices high. I was showing a variation on “cornering the market” … which is always a risky technique, and not something I normally recommend.

    But don’t dump your Small Eggs. May as well put them away in the bank, and bring them out next year for Winter Veil. If you are ready on day 1 of the festival, you can sell them all, and still make a profit – even if it is horribly delayed.

    – Jon

  5. Christoffer – I’m setting it up for iTunes this week, just need to organize a pretty graphic and a few other details. I’m also a fan of wcradio (do you remember back to the days of Athalus?). Also recommend The Instance very highly (

    – Jon

  6. Hey Magnus – thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy the podcast. I’ll spend some time in the Blueprint Forum asap, I know I’ve been neglecting it.

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