Small Eggs and Crazy Gold for Winter Veil

Small Eggs are mad money makers during the first days of Winter Veil Festival


Small Eggs are always a big Winter Veil gold maker for players who stock up ahead of time. Most of the year, you can buy Small Eggs for 1 silver each or less. During the Festival of Winter Veil, which has just begun today, they go for 3g – 5g in huge quantities. This is because they are needed for the simplest Winter Veil quest (Treats for Great-Father Winter), which every player and toon will want to complete. It takes 5 Small Eggs (which you make up into Gingerbread Cookies) to complete the quest.

This year, the Small Egg action seems hotter than ever. Even if you didn’t take my advice, and lay in a big supply of eggs before Winter Veil arrived, you can make a huge windfall profit of gold if you act fast and decisively :)

Watch this short video to see exactly what to do. Target profits: 500g ++ per hour!


  1. kyle osborne says:

    this is an awsome tip I’ve already made 50g

  2. kyle osborne says:

    do you think I should start to farm them now and sell in a few days or wait till it starts

    by the way your tips are the best because I made a gnome and went to stormwind to buy that 38c recipe and sold it instantl for 1g 31 silver and I now have over 6g in a day on a lvl2!

  3. Hey Kyle – you should definitely farm the Small Eggs now, and wait for the first day of Winter Veil. First day is important, the buyers will be lined up and waiting on day 1, but it will die down very quickly after that. You’ll be able to sell for 3g – 5g per Egg at first. The steady price throughout Winter Veil would be more like 1g per Egg.

    Right now, you should be able to get 1g – 2g per egg, leading up to Winter Veil.

    – Jon

  4. kyle osborne says:

    I’m an orc lvl 21 so which places have the best droprate and which mobs
    ps are you going to have a discount on mgb for xmas?


  5. For Horde, the best place is definitely the Eversong Woods, outside Silvermoon City. You can get a portal to Silvermoon from Undercity. You’re looking for Feral Dragonhawk Hatchlings and Crazed Dragonhawks, all under level 6 (very fast farming!). Drop rate is very high, nearly 100%.

  6. Re discount on Massive Gold Blueprint for Christmas… not sure, haven’t even thought about that. I don’t offer discounts often. Let me think on that. – Jon

  7. kyle osborne says:

    ok thnx for your tips what about having a discount 4 mgb

  8. kyle osborne says:

    soz didnt see the m forget the above and do u hav any tips for me cos i only have 75g

  9. kyle osborne says:

    I dont have burning crusade so what are the other places to farm these and the ah doesnt have any

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